A new day – Residents welcomed family members into their rooms at Shorehaven March 22. For many, due to rigorous state COVID guidelines, this was the first time seeing family in person in more than a year. Staff shared the enthusiastic homecoming as families reunited in joyous celebration. Tegan M., at 2 1/2 years, kept telling her mother Tierney she couldn’t wait to see great-grandmother Gigi. “She’s been talking about visiting all morning,” said Tierney. “We haven’t seen Gigi in a year, so this is a really big deal for both of us.”

Family member Suzanne Zwaska enters Shorehaven for the first time in weeks to see her mother Kathy Hanson, an assisted living resident. A banner greeted families entering for their homecoming.

Chris Hampton drove five hours Wednesday from Minnesota to see her parents Ray and Betty Heim at Shorehaven Tower assisted living. The family was able to hug for the first time in a year. “I saw them through plexiglass at Thanksgiving and for 20 minutes outside, under a tent, three tables away, last summer,” said Hampton. “This is new, and wonderful, that we’re able to hug in their apartment.” “My baby…,” Betty said to her daughter, stretching out her hand.

Shorehaven resident Barb Hotchkiss greeted her daughter Beth Morrison in her nursing home room Wednesday. “We can be together again,” Morrison told her mother. Staff Erica Castro curls Hotchkiss’s hair, “preparing her for more family visits.”