Expansive 5,000 sq. ft. therapy center is here to serve! Shorehaven is partnering with ProHealth Care to provide progressive, state of the art equipment and expert therapists to expedite your recovery. The center includes both inpatient and mobile balance training systems, to facilitate concussion screening and management for athletes. The systems also address other head trauma injuries. An overhead track system running the length of the therapy gym facilitates client equipment use. Patients with limited weight-bearing capacities can launch their rehab program sooner, expediting their own healing process.

Cardiovascular aerobic training mechanisms including the SciFit and Biostep work all extremities. Vibration plates assist in neuropathy treatments. Multi-graded steps in the gym’s center provide navigation training. Other additions include the equipment’s high/low mechanisms, the private treatment rooms, and adjustable equipment throughout, including parallel bars, elevated to 15 feet.

A therapy garden outside the gym provides varied surfaces, elevations, and terrains for training in real-life situations. The occupational therapy area includes a full kitchen, laundry area, and bathroom facility for thorough training in the activities of daily living. Smart TVs provide on and offsite training opportunities for staff, and public support and educational groups.

The short-term Medicare/Rehabilitation unit provides a private, spacious, and separate space in an encouraging family-like atmosphere, enabling those in our care to recover quickly. sara therapyClients are treated as our guests in fully appointed rooms, choosing from a breakfast selection ranging from cereal to waffles, fresh berries to omelets!  We take a team approach to help individuals regain their strengths and abilities and make a safe return home. This means working within the established Medicare guidelines and helping you receive your Medicare benefits. We partner with the expertise of therapy professionals to provide the best options possible.

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