Shorehaven OconomowocShorehaven has opened its new 5,000 square foot Oconomowoc rehabilitation center, welcoming area clients to a whole new world in rehabilitation.Together with HealthReach Rehabilitation Services staff, Shorehaven’s unmatched care continues with some of the newest equipment in the industry.

According to therapy staff, the center includes both inpatient and portable state of the art balance training systems. These address balance problems and facilitate concussion screening management for athletes. An overhead track system running the length of the therapy gym facilitates client equipment use. Patients with limited weight bearing capacities can launch their rehab program sooner, expediting their own healing process.

Shorehaven Rehab CenterCardiovascular aerobic training mechanisms including the SciFit and Biostep work all extremities. Vibration plates assist in neuropathy treatments. Multi-graded steps in the gym’s center provide navigation training, “Just as different step heights would appear in the community,” said physical therapist John Neumann. Speech and language pathologist Catherine Olaciregui described other state of the art amenities, including the equipment’s high/low mechanisms, the private treatment rooms, and adjustable equipment throughout, including 15 foot long parallel bars.

A therapy garden outside the gym provides varied surfaces, elevations and terrains for training in real life situations. The occupational therapy area includes a full kitchen, laundry area and bathroom facility for thorough training in the activities of daily living. Smart TVs provide on and offsite training opportunities for staff, and public support and educational groups.

“As therapy staff brings decades of experience to the table, we are able to address all therapy aspects, from the clinically complex client to the everyday back injury,” said Neumann. “Shorehaven is a top notch facility, and now this progressive new center will improve our care even more.” “We are so excited to better the lives of those we serve through this new therapy area,” said Olaciregui. “We can better meet the challenges of changing times and greater complexities in inpatient and outpatient outreach.”

Rehab client Caroline Kenney testified to how the new center helped her. “This new rehab gym is terrific. The new equipment is very accommodating. This place is a wonderful place. I will go home stronger and feeling better.” And graduate Jeanne Peterson said, “The rehabilitation program here is beautiful, kind and encouraging. You have the right people here for the right people. What don’t you have in that new rehab area? It’s gorgeous to look out the windows. Everyone here is so loving and so caring. I go to the Chapel late at night and thank God for this place. I get tears in my eyes thinking about how loving people are here.”

The $4.4 million south side campus renovation also includes expanded memory-care offerings, a large community room and activities space, and dedicated entrances for Shorehaven Tower assisted living residents. Shorehaven Health and Rehabilitation Center received additional upgrades, including patios, screen porches and a third-floor rooftop terrace overlooking Oconomowoc.