I am a planner.  I make lists and feel the utmost satisfaction when striking something off the list.  At a young age I planned where I would go to college, my career, my wedding, and future children. I believed that I was the designer of my own destiny.  Have you ever heard the saying “you make plans and God laughs?”

Life didn’t exactly mimic my carefully planned outline.  I learned early on that it was an exercise in futility to plan my entire future.  I would have to rely on my faith and put my future in God’s capable hands.

After over a decade in the fast paced healthcare marketing field, I decided to take myself out of the corporate world for a while and stay at home to raise our two daughters. For seven years I doted on my daughters by being a stay at home mom which was the most all-consuming and mentally challenging role I’d ever had.   As much as I cherished these mini miracles, I felt a renewed yearning for connectivity within the community. Once I granted myself permission to dabble outside my singular role of mommy, I decided to apply for a few part time jobs as a server.  Waitressing is a skill I possess confidently and almost effortlessly.  I worked in many diners and restaurants in my life in order to pay for college.  So, I was not only discouraged but devastated when I didn’t get the job of a “server” at a nearby steakhouse.  Again, I failed to remember that God has a plan for me.  Several months later I found my current job at Shorehaven.  I realized that God’s plan wasn’t for me to be a server but rather a servant. Today I am living God’s plan.  I am balancing my roles of mommy and wife with my work.  Certainly there are challenges in balancing parenthood with my career goals but I’m able to take it in stride knowing it is no longer my plan to make, it is His.  I believe that my work at Shorehaven is my calling to act as a servant to God and His people by advocating for and enhancing the lives of seniors.

This is my story.  This is my song, praising my Savior all the day long.

Stacy Giddings
Director of Development