Christie DucklowCenter for Life Enrichment 2016 Theme:
Let’s Make History!

As 2015 was coming to a close and The Center for Life Enrichment programs three months in advance for 2016, I thought as I embark upon my third year here, it would be appropriate to establish an annual Life Enrichment theme. This theme will help to drive programing for the year. Many educational establishments adopt an annual theme, so why not Life Enrichment too!

Why “Let’s Make History”? History has been a popular topic at Life Enrichment these past three years. Other trending programs include fitness and technology. When we hear the word history, we think history, but our theme “Let’s Make History” can apply to not only the subject of history, but other contexts as well. For example, if you are new to starting a new fitness and/or nutrition plan, you are “making history”, you are committing to change or improvement to your current well-being. Retired history teacher and speaker last month, Jim Duggan, also pointed out that history has the word story in it and that history is nothing more than telling people’s stories.

This year you will see programing tying to the history theme. You will also see other ways that you and Life Enrichment can fulfill the theme in a way that is unique and meaningful. Here’s to continuing to create your own story and “Making History” in 2016! Blessings for a great year ahead!

“Let’s Make History!”
Christie Ducklow,
Director or Life Enrichment