Liz Bednar is on a lifelong learning pursuit. And she’s getting an entire fleet of students on board.Liz Bednar

The veteran instructor for Learning in Retirement gets an intellectual rush every time she stands before a classroom of inquisitive learners. “No matter what age, or ability, or previous knowledge, these students come to class ready and eager to learn.” She is not only an instructor, but a student as well in Learning in Retirement’s vast array of classes, from WWII history to art appreciation, IPad technology to Facebook.

Bednar, together with instructor Sandy Karkossa, is now teaching, “The Secret Life of Words: English words and their origins”, a comprehensive linguistics course on English. Twenty-eight students are enrolled in the class taking place at the Center for Life Enrichment on the Shorehaven Campus. Students bring their own language perceptions, a keen curiosity, “And a special enthusiasm geared toward learning in a non-testing environment.” “Students just come to learn something they’re interested in. It’s a sense of discovery taking place right in that very room.”

Bednar said the corroboration with the Center for Life Enrichment has been “spectacular.” “It’s a perfect match. It was just what we’re were looking for in a Learning in Retirement destination. The surroundings are comfortable, the staff is outstanding and it’s a beautiful facility…plus great Café LaBelle meals are right there next door.”

Bednar said students often linger after class and discuss topics over a bowl of soup. “We’re so rewarded in this environment. And I’m so happy I can continue to facilitate learning for students; students who can’t wait to learn something new.”