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From The Chaplain

Overcoming the Uncertainties of the Times Before Us

By Chaplain Nicholaus Slater “These are certainly unusual” or “unique times we are experiencing.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this, read this, or received this via email over the past few weeks. But I do think the church, and for that matter, the body of Christ has an essential message for… Read more »

A Spiritual Response to Challenges Around Us

By Chaplain Nicholaus Slater As I think and reflect on my day, I am a bit transfixed by my emotions of anger and grief. As a chaplain, I’m very good at identifying emotions, especially my own. As a person and as a human, I’m not always very good at knowing what to do with these… Read more »

When Butterflies Soar

Chaplain Nick wrote this reflection for a recent Butterfly Service, where hundreds of butterflies were released in honor of loved ones who had passed. The service brought staff, residents, volunteers and families together to remember, laugh, celebrate and honor the lives of those closest to them.