Skywalk Spins a Tale of Hope

Shorehaven Tower employee Sherry Rady just wanted to do a little something to brighten residents’ day. She didn’t know it would create a groundswell of support. “I was just walking on the skywalk one day, and I thought of it. Wouldn’t it be nice if I put up messages of hope for residents and staff… Read more »

Bounty of Bunnies for Easter

It blossomed like an Easter lily. The idea grew from a granddaughter’s simple request. Oconomowoc’s Lynn Darnell wanted to do something special for Shorehaven seniors confined to their rooms during the Governor’s COVID-19 Shelter in Place order. Lynn’s granddaughter Emma asked her, “Grandma Lynn, can we make bunny bags again this year?” “That was when… Read more »

Keep the Wheels Moving

By Stacy Giddings, Director of Development As a child, I remember sitting in the backseat of my parent’s four-door sedan and witnessing a mild disagreement. We were lost, and an age-old debate ensued. My mom wanted my dad to pull over and ask for directions to which he declined and recited his mantra that he… Read more »

Overcoming the Uncertainties of the Times Before Us

By Chaplain Nicholaus Slater “These are certainly unusual” or “unique times we are experiencing.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this, read this, or received this via email over the past few weeks. But I do think the church, and for that matter, the body of Christ has an essential message for… Read more »

Mask Maker to the Rescue

When Wauwatosa’s Juanita Jones first called Shorehaven, it was not to make idle chatter. She had a job to do. Jones had checked on the Deaconess website for health facilities in need of face masks. Deaconess had a database listed of all facilities reaching out for supplies. Shorehaven and facilities across the globe are asking… Read more »

Introducing Operation Tech Connect

With elderly populations especially vulnerable to the coronavirus, senior living facilities across the country are limiting access for visitors. However, even going a day or two without seeing a loved one can be hard. Daily routines can be disrupted, and isolation can loom. That’s why Shorehaven is introducing Operation Tech Connect: An opportunity to equip… Read more »

A Spiritual Response to Challenges Around Us

By Chaplain Nicholaus Slater As I think and reflect on my day, I am a bit transfixed by my emotions of anger and grief. As a chaplain, I’m very good at identifying emotions, especially my own. As a person and as a human, I’m not always very good at knowing what to do with these… Read more »

Four Steps to Mindful Eating

It’s all the buzz this 2020: Mindful Eating. What exactly is that and why is it essential, especially as we age? As we’re celebrating American Heart Month, now is a great time to explore this emerging health concept further. First off, mindful eating involves paying attention to the food that you eat. But it’s a… Read more »

Hearts for Harriette’s 100th

It was more than coincidence that connected birthday gal and Shorehaven resident Harriette R. to Stoughton first graders this month. And what better month to celebrate a 100th birthday than in February, the month of love. The challenge was on at Shorehaven – that Harriette would receive at least 100 cards for her 100th birthday… Read more »