Fish, golf, picnic, kayak, ski, read, hike, snowshoe, learn, play, and work at being the best you possible. Shorehaven’s Campus has a little of everything for everybody!


Located in the Lake Country area of southeast Wisconsin, Shorehaven renews vitality to all who visit, work or live here.


Dock your boat at our pier, throw some brats on the grill and pull up your lawn chair for an outdoor concert. Board our bus for an evening out at the arts center. Get your hair styled in our beauty shops, bank onsite, browse the libraries, host a family gathering on our lakeshore, watch sailing regattas, savor Chef’s Night at the restaurant, play a round of Sheepshead in the outdoor courtyards, invest a meditative moment in the Prayer Garden, order up your soup and salad special at Café LaBelle, and enjoy bottomless cups of coffee with free WiFi.


Expand your brain power at the Center for Life Enrichment, enroll in a history or fitness class. Shorehaven is a community within a community, catering to a variety of lifestyles and preferences.