Monthly Archives: November 2019

Chef Mike Stigler Elevates “Homemade” to a New Level

When you talk food with Chef Mike Stigler – our executive chef for Rockwell’s Restaurant – three things will inevitably happen: You’ll immediately begin to appreciate his passion for fresh food and ingredients, he’ll make you feel like family and if you ask him about a recipe, chances are you’ll remember only the first few… Read more »

The Positive Effect of Therapy Dolls in Skilled and Memory Care

If you were to walk into the Shorehaven Health & Rehabilitation Center, chances are you might do a double-take when you notice the lifelike dolls being cared for by our residents. The incredibly realistic baby dolls were a recent donation from the Shorehaven Service League of Volunteers to our households in skilled and memory care…. Read more »

A Tribute To One Who Served Her Country

Shorehaven independent living resident continues to support her fellow veterans. Today Marylouise Felhofer’s preferred summertime regimen includes time spent lounging on her patio with a good book and participating in many of the activities offered at Shorehaven, as well as those in the local area. Although her routine is much more relaxed than in her… Read more »